Air Filter for Z900 Series


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John Deere air filters give you longer engine life. Their increased dirt-holding capacity protects your engine from harmful debris longer. The filter media keeps clean air flowing to the engine. Made and designed with strong materials for long life and durability. Use John Deere air filters for the best life and performance.

M131803 is the Inner Filter Element and M131802 is the Outer Filter Element

M131803 Replaces M144098, MIU12458 and RG25644

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Fits On: 
Z900 Series

  • Z910A
  • Z915B
  • Z920A
  • Z920M
  • Z920R
  • Z925A EFI Pro
  • Z925A Pro with engine marked FX751V-BS04
  • Z925M EFI
  • Z925M EFI Flex Fuel
  • Z930A with engine marked FX801V-AS11R, FX801V-BS06 or FX801V-DS06R
  • Z930M
  • Z930M EFI
  • Z930R
  • Z950A with engine marked FX850V-BS04 or FX850V-DS04R
  • Z950M
  • Z950R
  • Z960A with FX921V-BS05 or FX921V-DS05R
  • Z960M
  • Z960R
  • Z970A with engine marked FXT00V-BS07 or FXT00V-DS07R
  • Z970R